Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 List - 2008

My Top 10 most wonderful and meaningful moments this year:
10. Celebrating Ava's 3rd birthday at Zilker park.
9. Celebrating Grace's 1st birthday with my family here at home.
8. Re-building and maintaining strong relationships with my closest girlfriends.
7. Knowing all of my friends love me for who I am, goofball and all.
6. Terry's vasectomy.
5. Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary.
4. Terry going out of his way to make me laugh 365 days this year.
3. Visiting Terry's family in Ohio this summer with the girls.
2. Laughing at memories of my dad instead of crying over them.
1. Watching my girls grow bigger and brighter every single day.

What are your Top 10 most memorable moments?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Ranch

It's always packed at the Ranch for Christmas, and this year was no exception! I counted 28 of us peeps, including the tiny peepies. That made for a LOT going on! I kept it simple, and took a bunch of the girls.

He's such a sport!
Aunt Diane's gorgeous tree!
This tree always amazes me... tons of ornaments!

She just finished dessert.

Terry and his tools. It's never ending.

Wait a minute! That's not trash!!!

Pretty bird. Pretty bird.

Grace screamed bloody murder the moment she was removed from this go cart.

Cactus and Dandy. Keeping the front yard mowed.

The smallest dairy cow on the planet moooved his way under the tree.

From the front porch.

I love twinkly lights!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Christmas Eve exchange was held at our house this year. The day was filled with laughs, hugs and smiles. As well as a boat load of food. If we were to have held a contest on best dish.... I totally know who would have won. Don't deny it you guys, you know my chicken salad toasted phyllo cuppy things were the BIZZOMB!

My blog is intended to make people laugh and is usually very lighthearted. That definitely will not change, but this post will include a bit of personal information I haven't aired completely to the world... One year and 5 days ago my dad lost his battle with cancer. I, along with every other family member and friend, loved him dearly. This Chrismas my sister surprised me and my brother with a truly awesome gift! She is crafty, thoughtful and sweet, and I want her to know (Hello Banana) that I love her to bits and ran to find a spot on the wall as soon as you left. I know Chris did the exact same thing. Thank you for thinking of us, and choosing a picture we all know Dad would have loved.......... and one in which he would have actually approved. That's saying A LOT. ;-)

Merry Christmas Eve!
Why didn't we move that damn coffee table???

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'............

When The Kid's Are Away, The Mommy's Will Play

Last Thursday the playgroup girls held our annual Ornament Exchange/Christmas Din Din at PF Chang. Anytime we are all together in one place, we have an amazingly funny time, and this was no exception! The stealing and dealing was pretty light, thank goodness, and we all came away with darling Christmas ornaments!!

Some of us came away with not so darling hangovers the next day... a few ventured out for some more drinking and dancing and well, we were merry, that's 'fo sho!

** Merry Christmas Gals! **

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

White Elephant Exchanges Are The SHIZ!

Ok, so I've been to my fair share of White Elephant gift exchanges and I always end up with the vanilla scented tea light candle or retarded snow man dish towel nobody wanted. That is usually me. Not this time my friends! I returned from a Christmas party my friend Julie invited me to and boy oh boy I hit the jizzity jack pot! Ew. Jizzity. Sorry.

I was #11. Waiting. Watching. My tiny little brain working overtime trying to remember who had what and how many times it had already been 'stolen'.
They call my number. I stand up and say:

"I love that I was invited to this party! I hate that I won't be invited back next year."

Then boom. I steal the gift that screams awesomeness, with no remorse whatsoever. I'm a cold hearted snake. Look into my eyes. Uh Oh... A huge southern living serving platter bowl thing with 4 serving dishes. I was so excited! Obviously if I'm blogging about such nonsense. This isn't huge news, but when I deal with poo diapers, poo floating in bathtubs, tantrums, food fights and a 19 month old who's idea of telling me no is to slap my face ~ I'm pumped to win an awesome gift at a Christmas party.

I have an ornament exchange tomorrow night. Youz betta watch out ladies...


Say Cheeeese

Whooo whoooo (sound your whistle tips for those of you that have em!) ;)

The UPS guy just handed me his big package! It had that new smell and everything! Ew. Wait. That sounds dirty. He just delivered my new camera Terry gave me for my bizzidy b-day!

You know what that means folks! Tons-o-pics of cats! and kids! and crap I find around my house! and stupid stuff that I think makes for a great pic! Aren't you excited! I thought so.

Stay tuned and stuff.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Pictures by ANNEMARIE

Annemarie snapped a few pictures of us last weekend for our Christmas card and I am so pleased they are fab! The girls cooperated, mostly Ava who loves the camera. Little Grace was running on no nap and wanted to run like a banchee into the wild blue yonder behind us. Not gonna happen Grace. Sorry. We kept her contained and came away with some fab shots! (I will post our Christmas card soon.)
My sweet Ava Elizabeth.

Because I am her mother, I am the only one who sees that Ava is gritting her teeth in the pic below, meanwhile squeezing all the blood out of Grace's tiny fingers..... sisterly love.

My little Grace Rose. Such a little beansprout.

Thanks AP for shooting us! You are the bomb and better not forget about us little peeps when you are a LARGE and IN CHARGE photog.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Last night I realized two very important things.

1. I have fabulous friends who love me as much as I love them.

2. It turns out Toni is not quite who we thought she was.

It's my party and I'll laugh if I want to!! Laugh if I want to... Sing with me!

My girls joined in the celebration at ZTejas. I took Yvette's advice and ordered the scallops, they are after all my favorite free swimming marine mollusk and were deeeelish!

This group is definitely not camera shy so we took a group shot in front of the warm and cozy fire. :)

We then learned the Christmas Tree had some very special powers. Or maybe it was just Toni, whose entire head mysteriously vanished from the picture. I wouldn't go to sleep at night if I were you Toni. You might not wake up. And um.... I don't mean this the wrong way - but can you stay away from us for a while? We love you but you freak us out.

Toni's head stayed put for this one.

Thank you ladies for making my birthday celebration so memorable! I love all you gals so much and am thankful you are my friends!

Toodles homegirls!

Until next year....... we can celebrate my 26th!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Let There Be Light

I was excited when Toni invited us girls to the luminary lighting of the community center in her neighborhood tonight! The weather was cold and crisp, perfect for getting us in the Christmas spirit for the weeks ahead.

It turns out Santa was in town for a meeting and Ava and Grace were able to visit with him before he took the red-nose back to the North Pole. She's seen him on TV and constantly hears me speak his name but tonight was the first formal meeting of the two. She was captivated.

Unfortunately, only by the candy cane in her mouth and not by the magical wonder two inches from her.

Outside the walk way was lit by beautiful luminaries!

We attempted the group shot.... Thank you Grace for picking Ava's nose.

Thanks ToniLoo for the invite...and for carrying all of our coats, bags, cups and licked on candy canes! :)

And last but not least, here's Ava... :)