Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chelsea Chelsea BANG BANG, BABY!

It sucks to say, but... this post will in NO WAY represent the actual energy and excitement felt by everyone involved in Last Friday's: Seven In The City Adventure. I can try to explain how much fun all of us experienced, but, you still wouldn't be able to grasp it. The only way you will get a feel for what really happened is through viewing the pictures. And um... I think I took about 200. Oh, hush. Don't be all surprised and and shit. You know damn well if you throw 7 buzzed women into a stretch hummer with no curfew and a designated driver... only about 5 of the 200 pictures will be safe for public viewing. Plus, I'm sure more than half of you reading this are blog stalkers and would do whoknowswhat with the pictures.

So, sorry. Deal.

The evening began at Tracie's house. We were sipping champagne and discussing various subjects regarding all-things-fabulous, as per usual, when Tracie's husband, Cory, came into the kitchen and informed us our ride was outside. Tracie's son was driving all of us crazy Baby Momma's downtown and we filed outside to jump in his ride. Except HIS RIDE wasn't in the driveway. A HUGE WHITE HUMMER LIMO THING was there, instead.

Get the #$&* out!!!
It's like PROM!!!

Seven In The City


1st stop... the liquor store.

2nd stop... Trudy's.

We made it!!!!

There are two of us missing in this picture.
Someone might have lost their ticket, and the other person might have helped her retrace her steps.
It had NOTHING to do with the 1st or 2nd stops we made. :)

Drink, check!
Ticket, check!
Huge, slow moving crowd, check!

Jo Koy opened for Chelsea, he was HILAR!


Her show was hilarious, we cracked up until we cried.
This was one night I will remember for a very long time.
Spending time with my homegirls... chatting, smiling and laughing, all night long.

Special thanks to both Cory and Tracie...
for everything you did to make this night AWE.SOME!

I'm pretty sure this is about all we remember of our ride home. =)

Oh. And this.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Click Here If You Are Having A Crappy Monday

It's not so crappy anymore - is it?

You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday Funday

It doesn't get any Wilder than Easter at the Ranch.

Heh heh.

Easter At The Ranch from Kara on Vimeo.