Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day in Kilgore!

I took a trillion pictures over Memorial Day. I've spent the last 6 days trying to download them, upload them to blogger, then post them. Two words: time consuming.

We drove to Kilgore for a visit with Jeremy, Jennifer, Allie and baby Luke. I should say that Luke's not much of a baby anymore, almost one, but Grace called him Baaabyyy Luuuu the whole time, and I thought it was cute.

Terry and Jeremy grew up together, and when they moved down to Austin from Ohio after college, Jeremy met Jennifer, and next year they will be celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary! Congrats you guys! :)

Their house in Kilgore is smack dab in the middle of the woods, surrounded by enormous pine trees, pretty ponds, wild hogs (eeek), peace and quiet, it's awesome! Jeremy is still in the process of building this house, he's done it by himself with the help of his brother. It's huge, 6 bedrooms, so when we come to stay, there's always tons of room to roam. Which is great, because when you mix together 4 kids under 5 years old, you need all the roaming room you can get!

So Saturday we made good time (thanks to my lead foot) and took a quick break at a rest stop to pull out lunch for the kiddos. It was SUPER windy, and our food flew everywhere. There was a massive field nearby and while trying to get the girls to smile and pretend they love each other, poor Ava ended up standing directly on a fire ant hill, and well, that kind of put an end to the picture taking. We did however, manage to get some cute ones.

The wind nearly blew us into the field behind me. Grace held on tight to her Hollywood shades.

She's one cool cat.

It didn't take long for the kiddos to start having fun together!

'Baaabbyyy Luuuu'

Slumber party!

When we arrived Saturday, it was raining, and the girls weren't able to jump on the trampoline or swim. They were pretty bummed. Sunday was sunny and warm! Trampolines and swimming! What more can a 2, 3, and 4 year-old ask for?!

Grace could have used a helmet.

The Three Musketeers - Allie, Ava & Billy Bob Thornton?

Jennifer & Ava - Holla!

View from back porch. Beautimus!

The boys snuck off for some manly bull-dozer-driving and fire-starting.

"10 seconds Mac Grueber!"

Who knew brush fires were so romantic? ;)

Meet 'Uncle HaHa'. He's one creepy ass clown. Jeremy is petrified of clowns and when Uncle HaHa makes an appearance, we all get a good laugh as Jeremy runs the other direction.

That fear runs in the family, because Luke wanted NOTHING TO DO with Uncle HaHa.

The best swing. Ever.

Running to see the horses!

And the adorable donkey. You cut me deep Shrek!


The girls checking' out fish and a turtle with exceptionally strong jaw muscles. Allie was the brave one and stuck her hand inside.

We all piled into the truck and went exploring around their land. Several ponds, deer, gorgeous landscapes and one GIGANTIC catfish.

Hang on!


Again, Allie was the brave one. :) I think my girls were wondering why it was TALKING. Because it WAS TALKING.

So pretty!

The boys took Ava and Gracie fishing!

Hilarious! Check out her large catch!

Oh my gosh! Gracie caught one too! Look at that thing!

Together, they concentrated and kept still.

And look, it paid off! A bigger catch!

Ava caught a bigger one too!! Way to go girl!

Uncle HaHa loves children.

Aren't they sweet?! BFFE!

One quick bubble bath before bed then it's off to sleep for another night of sweet dreams!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ava's First Dance Recital!

On Sunday, I performed in my very first ballet/tap dance recital! My mom tried not to cry her eyes out the moment I took the stage, and I think in the end, she only shed a tear or two! Great job Mommy! She was so proud of me, I was brave waiting backstage and didn't even get the jitters when it was time for my Big Show! I am super cute, I know!

Let me lead you thru my afternoon...

Here I am with my dance class buddies. Check out my face. See how EXCITED I am?!

Backstage, trying to stay hydrated.

Come on! This waiting is killing me!

And we're on! Tah-Dah!!

Why am I the only person in fifth position? And what is the girl on my left doing??

Performance complete. Please allow me to bow for you.

Here are My Aunti Di, Mommy, Granmom and My Nonnie, they were waiting for me and my class to come out on stage!

Here is the whole crew, during our finale! I'm the one on the far right, nervously picking at my nails.

Mommy, Me and My Daddy!
They were SO PROUD OF ME!!
I'm pretty sure they love me to bits. I mean, come on.

Today was such an exciting day! I am proud of my hard work and loved wearing my purple tutu! My Mommy even let me put on some of her eye shadow and lip gloss!
She is SO COOL.

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades y'all!!
See you next year! Peace out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All That And A Bag Of Chips

This months Girls Night Out was a throwback to the Nineties/Prom!! Straight up Yo! Katie had us all over to her house, and we spent the night drinking and lovingly posing in our old school awesome attire. Stylin'!

Some of the girls really brought it, too. Especially Rachel, who's dress was so fly, she even rocked the high side pony complete with a snake skin pony holder. Slammin'!

It was so fun just sitting around, catching up and sharing stories of ridiculous adventures from high school and beyond...some of them were off the hook!

As the night was coming to an end, some of us weren't ready to go nite nite, hella-no! So we straight bounced from Katie's and went to a dive bar, only to find they had just closed, so whack! Have you had enough of the 90's terminology? We found a bar that was still open and took some fun pics as most everyone within 10 feet of us stared disapprovingly at the hot mess in front of them.
The Groom and Bride.
Evidently, the sleeveless vest made me masculine.
Or maybe it was because I popped the collar.
I sported Terry's pin from high school. Nice glasses Honey...
Are you sure you didn't graduate in the 70's?
Your stern face and band uniform really pull the look together.

Great idea, Katie, and thanks again for hosting at your house! Friday night was the bomb!