Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Late Summer Vacay 2010

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Galveston 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello. I'm Rocky.


                                          I enjoy leaping out of gift bags with great momentum.

I enjoy disappearing under the couch then scaring the shit out
of people when I re-appear on top of their unsuspecting feet.
Also, the mole on my nose needs to be checked out. It's starting to look a bit atypical.

I'm very bendy. The lady ferrets love me.

This is my blue leash. It's a harness actually. Which cracks my shit up. 
The other thing that cracks my shit up is the fact that I suddenly become paralyzed when my leash is put on.

People try to wear me like a scarf and make me perform tricks.

I don't like that shit, so I pretend I'm gonna bite their faces. And they freak out.

But then they grab me as hard as they can and squish my fragile little face against
 theirs - so I pretend like I'm giving kisses.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little School Girl

Today is the first day of Ava's last year in preschool.

Her very last year.

She's smart. She's sarcastic. She tells a good knock-knock joke. She's emotional. She's kind. She's responsible.  She's cautious. She's talkative. She's quirky. She's honest.

She's mine.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Aww SCAT! Today Was The Best!

Check out the little BFF's. Aren't they cute?

Grace and I concentrate on our landing's while Ava makes eye contact with the camera.

Grace checks out the cottonmouth UP CLOSE with a magnifying glass larger than her entire face.

After close examination of the picture below, I realize Ava's looking at a diagram of  "SCAT OF NORTH AMERICAN ANIMALS." Because every child needs to know the difference between Frog shit and Wolf shit when stumbling upon it in the woods.  I never knew scat was the literal term for shit, and I love the name! SCAT. Say it, SCAT! Now when I'm running late or just jammed my finger in my car door I can shout out "OH SCAT" or "SCAT THAT HURT!", and my girls won't know I just cussed!
Scat is a cute word. Who knew poo poo could be so cute?!

Hey Grace, which bug scares Mommy the most?
Why, that's correct honey! It's the big ass roach with long wings and razor sharp pincher's!
She's so smart.

Oh, hmmm. Wait.... Maybe the bugs that scare Mommy the most are these dozens of  CRISPY LOCUST SHELLS inside of a Classico spaghetti sauce jar.


Here's a Bobcat taking a rest after  being given a sedative cocktail and a lush purple bath towel to relax upon killing and eating its prey, then roaming the mountain side all day.  

Every paleontologist needs a shovel, dust brush and pigtails.

"I'm finished!!! Finally, I'm a Beautiful Butterfly!" -Heimlich from Bugs Life

Sloshing through nature and the precious Eco-system for a picture. It's the Wildenhaus way.

Daddy and his Lovies. Minus the one taking the picture.

There I am! I love you Muppin!