Friday, October 30, 2009

Can I Get A Bzzzz Bzzzz!

Ava was planning on dressing up like a cheerleader, until a couple of weeks ago when she saw an ad in the paper with a Strawberry Shortcake costume. She loves her some S.S. After she put on her costume this morning, I took her outside to spray her hair and sent her back in to check it out in her bathroom mirror. I wish I had taken a video of looking at it, with her hat off, it's really bright pink and she was totally amazed. The little things in life make a 4 year old smile, and it was exciting seeing her eyes light up as she was so berry berry pleased. She told everyone at school her hair was pink, as if they didn't notice the ever so natural, glowing pink hue of each of her pony tails.

Grace ran around the house this morning with arms out, buzzing, saying "I make honeee!" And, um, lemme tell you - if she were a real bumble bee, she'd bee the only one I wouldn't mind flying around my face. She makes a beeutiful bee, if I do say so myself. I hope she behives herself on Halloween night, and doesn't make a bee-line straight for the candy. I'm hilarious.

Happy Halloween Day at school everyone!

Strawberry, Bumble, and an adorable Baylor Cheerleader (Finley)

Spiderman (Bryson) took a break from saving the world
to pose with Strawberry.

Strawberry with Ariel (Ms. Marie)

Bumble next to her Cowgirl teacher (Ms. Fiona)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. Wizard Would Be So Proud

Amber and I took our kids to Chic-Fil-A for lunch this afternoon and she mentioned inside our kids' meals were some kind of science/experiment type of toys. I tossed them into my bag and after I got home, opened them up and read the instructions. I put the girls up on the kitchen counter and "completed" the experiment for them.

1. Fill dish with milk and let sit for 10 minutes.
2. Add a few drops of food coloring.
3. Put a single drop of liquid soap in the middle of your dish. What happens???

Oh Gawd! How fun! WHAT ON EARTH WILL HAPPEN?! The suspense killed us. So I read the part that told us what to expect:

Get ready... I was excited when I read:

"Your milk colors will EXPLODE!!"

Oh Shit! Should the kids wear goggles? I looked inside the bag and didn't see any. What about gloves?! EXPLODING milk colors must make a huge mess, right? The bag didn't have any gloves either. Where are all of the safety warnings and safety equipment? Will it burn our faces when it EXPLODES all over my kitchen?

The directions/pamphlet advised us to try different kids of milk to see what effect that would bring.

After seeing first hand the EXPLODING fireworks of color, I can hardly wait to run to the store to buy all different kinds of milk, like skim or 2%. I might even try half-and-half or even whipping cream! OMG you guys! Chic-Fil-A kid's meal toys rawk!

Milk Explosion from Kara on Vimeo.

October 4th, 19(What?)

My mom's birthday was last weekend and her three lovely children got together to celebrate her big day! Lunch was late in the afternoon so we had the place to ourselves, which worked out great because the kiddos were able to be loud, run around and just be kiddos without pestering anyone. Sounds good to me!

Half of Grace's face, Ben, Chris, Madison & Kelli

Zach & Dana with Mom

Grace thought Ben's eyes should be closed.
Terry's enjoying hydrocodone. Or has gas.

Isn't this the sign for no good in football?

Yay for birthdays!! And ice cream!! With cherries on top!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friday! A Great Day For Humiliation!

Last year, the morning of Picture Day at school was a huge nightmare. A total flop. Ava bitched and moaned about the outfit I'd chosen, complained about her shoes, complained about her hair... I changed her three times, it was an absolute nightmare. All the while Grace was banging her forehead on the tile floor attempting to prove just how far she will go to get my attention and make me hold her. It was a morning from hell.

Well goooooood morning! It's picture day again! JOY!

For this morning's pre-picture routine, I was prepared for the shit to hit the fan. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the The Picture Day Gods had spoken. And they said (amazingly) No Child Shall Bitch About What Is Placed Upon Their Bodies.

It's a frickin' miracle.

Both of my children kept their big mouths shut as I got them dressed this morning. Not a peep. Not a whimper. Not a "But Mom! I want to wear my flip flops!" or "Noooo Mommieeeee, I don't wanna wear tocks wiff my soooose!" They just sat there like limp noodles allowing me to shove arms and heads and legs into outfits I ACTUALLY PICKED OUT. It was a journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the twilight zone.

I can't go on with how easy that part of the morning was, without mentioning the fact that I was so fixated on the feeling of freedom from the lack of arguing going on in the house that I forgot there was more to getting them ready for school than their clothes. Like packing their drinks. And packing their snacks. And packing Ava's Show & Share item. And it was only when I shut off my car and opened the door in the school parking lot that I realized I forgot something way more important than food or liquid for my children. That feeling of freedom I was having - was not from an argument free morning - but from me not having on a bra. Holy shit. Not only did I forget that important part, but as I was apologizing to Ava's teacher for the lack of snacks, drinks, homework, etc., I let her in on my wardrobe shortage. Yea, I don't know why either. But for some reason I felt obligated to tell her. We're friends, but I guess not as good as I thought because when I told her, she didn't laugh or say "Girrrrrrrl please, I've done that before!", she threw her hand up over her mouth in shock. I'm not sure if she did that because I confessed to her that terrible tidbit of TMI... or because I'd said it right in front of a Dad who had been behind me the entire time trying get around me to let his kid into class.

When I was a senior in high school I was a brat and a total know-it-all, and that year my step-dad told me he was going to buy me tractor for Christmas so I could pull my head of of my ass. I could have used that tractor this morning.