Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mother Nature Can KISS IT!

Houston was PELTED with rain last Wednesday and Thursday. It POURED for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT the first day and most of the day, the next...and in the end, out of all of Houston - the NW area topped the charts at almost 14 inches within 48 hours.

The clouds cleared, the sun began to shine, and after being stuck inside all day I ventured out about 3pm Thursday to run an errand. I turned out of my subdivision and was hit by a ton of backed up traffic, everyone attempting to "turn around, don't drown".

I turned around, went home, pulled into the garage and went inside.

Two hours later IT started.

We live at the end of a very long street, in a cul-de-sac. Terry called me outside, and we, along with our neighbors noticed flood water creeping its way up our street, at the far end.

We took the kids down the street to our stop sign to take a closer look and had to stop.
We were shocked to see what was happening.

Checking it out any way they can...              

I rounded the corner. This is the main thoroughfare and our street. (on left)

Standing on the island, watching it creep.

Water front prop, yo!

Within a couple of hours, street was covered.
Curbs covered.
Sidewalks covered.
Front grass covered.

Before it crept over our front grass and sidewalk.

From our yard and vantage point, this is where it peaked.

Watching it happen, was unnerving. To say the least. Obviously, we had no idea when it would stop rising. It turns out, every single street in our small subdivision was consumed with water. No one got out Thursday, and few got in. We watched as several canoes ventured out and surveyed the flood. The water began to recede at 9am Friday morning. Not a lot of shut-eye for us in the neighborhood that night.

Our street was lucky, several near us ended up with water inside of their homes.

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