Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It's been four weeks and two days since our little family said good-bye to Austin and hello to Houston. We're a little bit in the outskirts...but when you're in such a large city, the 'out skirts' ain't really that far out!

So many things have changed and naturally I'm all over the map and back and forth with excitement for our new start and new friends but then missing my family and friends back home like crazy.
Barely a month in, I think it's fair to say those are normal feelings...

Our first stop was the aquarium, we had a fab time. Super fun!

Lunch with some big ol fish!

How cute are these things?! They're  my fav.
So, right off the bat...barely a week in, my mom, sister and youngest neice came for a visit. I was so excited to have them here, not only to catch up after six days of not seeing each other - ha - but they were a HUGE help organizing the house. They both have a nack for design and decoration and really helped add the finishing touches to a lot of areas. We took a stroll by our neighborhood park to check out the lake and ducks.
Ava and Grace loved having little Claire here and they were connected at the hip the entire time. :)

 The next week our buddy Jarrod flew in from Nashville and stayed a few days, and shizzam, those boys knocked out all kinds of manly projects. They were up in tiny crawl spaces, on the tops of ladders, in palm trees... they got SO MUCH DONE. Thank you so much Jarrod!!

From bare to BAM!
T's workshop came a long way!

Later that weekend my brother popped in on his way back home from a fishing trip and it felt really great having him here. He's coming back very soon to visit. AREN'T YOU CHRIS.... :) :)

We are thrilled to be here, and everyday we get something else done to make this house our home.
Ava and Grace are so happy, and we simply couldn't ask for more.

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